Sunday, November 6, 2011

LIMITS is STIMIL spelled backwards.

I was asked a question by my English professor a few days ago that made me a bit uneasy. It wasn't awkward or anything near that sort of thing.. but it was a question I felt needed a proper and a very specific answer. An answer that would make people sit back in their chairs and think about life, if only for a moment. An answer that would in a sense define my very persona. I felt that through the answer
I gave of this question would really effect the way people look and me and what I do differently... dramtic, right?
"What do you photograph?" was the paramount question. 
I very quickly fell into an internal mental war with myslef, thinking of what this grounbreaking answer might be.. here's what flooded through my head in the space of about 5.4 seconds:

Why did he ask that?!
I knew I'd have to answer this someday- nature? tree..
William Eggleston quote?
No. I'm stupid.
I want soup...
Wait- what was the question?!

"Everything?" was my genius answer.
Even though I'm sure the rest of the class moved on instantly after I mumbled the best thing I could conjure up, I felt so unconfident about my answer. I had thought of it ever since I started clinging to photography the way I have; "what do I photograph?" nature? people? albino giraffes? Honestly I have never felt a constant devotion to one subject matter. I love to photograph just what I told my professor: everything. At least everything that is beautiful and has a sense of importance or beauty to me. And compared to some, I find beauty in strange things most of the time. So why did I have such problem with my answer? About 5 hours after I blurted it out , I realized why it staked such an unpleasant claim in my mind.

I don't like putting limits on what I love to do. Although I have done it, limitng myself to a certain label makes me feel very closed in and essentially trapped. As it probably does many people. 

I also soon realized that this applies to life beautifully as well.

Girls. Be honest. We've all had our moments when we look at someone older, and admire their lifestyle so much that we declare within ourselves that we will be exactly like that when we can. I'm not smack talking the idea of having a role model, {I am more than for having a role model, I have so many. And I'm sure Abe Licoln had a few, too} but I do believe that we continually, need to be ourselves. More specifically, the BEST versions of ourselves that we can possibly be. 
I can easily blame why I had, up until a few days ago,this fixation with having to label myself on the way my high school years went. I felt that if I never limited myself to one label I would never really be someone; someone important at least. I always had to be either the theater nerd, hipster, the innocent one, the bully, the girl who had a terrible time with math.. there's always labels available. But now I finally realize that limitng yourself to a label is very far from being who you really need to be. If I was constantly spending my time trying to be like someone or something else I'd be the same as a poker-driven cow along with all the other cattle who have the same label as me. It's better to be yourself, than to be a lemming.

It's easy while reading this, to be under the impression that I am trying to imply that rules are meant to be broken. That isn't true. Sensible rules and restrictions can be a perfect thing. I believe in modesty, not just in dress but in conduct, and keeping impurities from my mind and body. But when we as humans are able to live without those immodest or impure things holding us down, we must live life to it's fullest. Don't let things of the world, or things you know will hurt you put a limit on how marvelous and surprising your life can be.

I feel like I have jumped from subject to subject.. and that's probably true because I haven't written in quite a while.
And while I'm sure there's some things that I say that people will disagree with, in all honesty I may find myself disagreeing with it someday too. But for now, it rings so true to me.

Never limit yourself. Have complete belief that what you are meant to become is the most incredible, the most useful and wonderful person you can be.

Be what you want to become, and never be anything less than yourself.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Anyone Home?

It feels as though i've risen from the dead. Honestly I've felt such a loss for not writing, but there's not a lot you can do when you're suffering from writer's block.. along with feeling very helpless with an empty wallet. Which is a convenient segue into a huge HUUUUGE thanks I's wants to's gives.

Dear Secret Fan,
       My lanta. I can't describe to you {whoever you may be} how heartwarming, encouraging, and humbling your selfless generosity was to me those few months ago. I will never in my life forget that. From the very bottom of my heart, thank you. For not only your contribution {which is currently sitting safely in my makeshift bank} but what you also taught me along with it; that the effects of 'small acts of kindess' can metamorphose into so much more. Thank you.

and life goes on :) It makes me happier than a pirate in a pickle-barrel that my photography 'career' has taken off in the most swift, yet totally stress-free way. Maybe it IS what i'm destined to do?!?!?!?
{singy voice} FAAAAAAAATE! So if all yalls gots an FB {'The Facebook': for those of us who have lived inside a refrigerator box your entire life[which actually sounds quite appealing]} please 'like' this {Just type in "HayliJo Photo" on Facebook}! i'll make you cookies. And give you high fibes. I meant to type 'fives'. My typing is a little rusty. So sue me.   ...   ...   ... Actually please don't do that. ERNEEWAYS. please and thank you:)

 Life is very uncertain for me at the moment, which is probably also the case for every other 18 year old alive now. Or.... at least I hope so. Uncertainty can be a very intimidating and terrifying place to be, if you're there alone. But if I really ponder on it, when I feel that "lonenliness in uncertainty" at times, I can ALWAYS remind myself that there is someone right behind me who feels the same way, and someone right in front of me who has experienced it already. No one ever walks alone.
Not even giraffes.           ...                ...?!

It's positively uncanny how much time my thoughts spend in Iceland..... If only the rest of me could catch up. The idea of taking this big trip as my 'senior trip' makes more and more sense to me every day. I can't wait until the moment when all I have to think about is excuses to get back there again. :) THAT moment and- millions more in regard to this trip!! Keep saving, keep praying, keep planning. BAM.
Wish me luck, folks. Also thank you:)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Let's find that flashlight, shall we?

Well let me start out with trying to think of a clever comment that will prevent me from feeling guilty for not posting for the last 3 months.......... NUTTIN'! Ah well, I suppose the sting of guilt will teach this avid procrastinator a lesson!

So a whoole crippity-crapload of things have happened over these 3 months.. One of which I will tell you right now!: I finally got my own- VERY own Canon Rebel T2i!!!!!! Merry Christmas to ME!!! Gosh I love it; it's absolutely perfect and I would recommend it to  a n y o n e  who wants a super nice camera. I'm already like... best friends with it. I've got more of my senior pictures taken care of... and I'd be  so honored to do anyone else's if they want me to!
I enjoy life. I really do. If all of you haven't given up on your resolutions by now... KEEP GETTIN AT 'EM! I'm positive i don't need to tell you what mine is...get closer to Iceland... but I also decided I'm going to start being increasingly more honest with myself, and everyone else. So when I tell you that you look *miraculously STUNNING* you better believe me!! I'm like a second ABE !!!

Speaking of the New Year.. 

I feel like I have to point out the fact that .. you never live the same day twice. Wuhll... DUH.. right?! But REALLY! Think about it.. that particular day will never happen again. Never the same date, never the same instances, and never the same ..well pretty much ANYTHING! And since we just celebrated the passing of the new year I had to ask myself how I am making every day, every single precious day, special. Because we only get that day once, and it's gone. Sometimes after really really especially stupid day I find myself thinking ..'shoot.. life deals SO much disappointment'. Ya Hayli, blame life. You're a real smarty pants. I finally found out the other day that I should instead be asking myself ..'What should I have done to make today better, and how will I fix myself  for tomorrow?' It's really stupid, and not to mention, selfish of me to take days of living for granted. But you know, take it all in stride:)

I'd also like to let everyone know that I'm not as bad a golfer as I always set myself up to be.... I mean  .. I got it in the NET, MAN!!!

And as far as Iceland goes... I'm still going for it. And I always will until I get there.
It may seem like a silly wish to some... but let remind you that there once was this guy who decided he'd keep walking around his kitchen island until his cat started singing the National Anthem, and he just walked and walked and his cat just sat there and didn't sing anything for fifty years.
That was a lie. So much for being honest..........    :)

sleep well all yalls.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Long time.. no type!!!

My goodness gracious. Let me explain, i have been more than busy with quite a lot lately. As of  TODAY i am officially applied for college!! Which let me tell you... it's exciting... i can barely contain me-self. Also, i just got done performing in a lovely little production of 'Steel Magnolias'. That play taught me loads and loads. So much more lessons were learned in this production than any other. Shall i give an example?? K good. Here's  one: Impossible things are IN FACT possible!! I was so convinced that this production was going to the dogs and the birds and horses and trolls an unicorns and dragons and such. But, with a little 'yes' and a LOT of hard work, it pulled together:) happy days.

And guess what!! That totally applies to my blog!!! Of course... it aaaalllll comes together.
So let me give you a few more fun facts about Iceland. They have heaps of festivals and celebrations throughout the year, most pertaining to art, culture and music. Nice, right? my  favorite so far is New Years... Icelanders will start out with a dinner, followed by a bonfire where the warmth-seekers will fill the icy air with ancient Icelandic folk songs, chants and stories. Then, the country, mainly it's capital Reykjavik, burtsts out in tremendous color and light while a beyond spectacular fireworks show takes place. It is said to be an even that will be remembered for a lifetime. Which would be a nice transition from watching sauced drunks making out on tv while the countdown is going on. Yup. I'll definitely have to put  'New Years celebration' on that list of what to see:) pictures? OKAY!

I'd like the one with the yellow door, please.
Happy Dappy New Year!! In Reykjavik.

Nice big, fat bonfire:)

I'd like to sit there for a good 10 hours.
All in all. I friggin love that place and can't wait to get there.....

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sleepless in "Spokane"

Hallo everyone! And Happy Halloween!!! It's nice to know that almost every kid in America will be on a candy high in about 21 hours...Anyway, I'm in the beautiful state of Washington at the moment, typing from my sister's house. I think not being at home has made me realize how much i really miss my friends during the 'holidays' but- It's breathtakingly gorgeous this time of year. Hard to believe all these trees are real! I try to get my camera out every now and then. I'm going to wear that poor thing out by the time Tuesday comes. I'm planning on taking my senior pictures by myself this year, and I want to get some of them taken here.

...Sometimes i wonder why I type this like people are actually going to read it......  Anyways.. Yep. Photography.

Iceland-    .. Why does it seem so far away right now? I just need to GET A JOB. I'm involved in a school production right now and it seems to be dragging on forever!!!! So hopefully when it's done i'll be able to finally land a job and start saving up...maybe having some money in my pocket will help the North Atlantic look smaller? This is not the most uplifting post, I know. And I'm sorry. I justwant to have a little more control over my life, I think. Being 18 has changed a lot of things but- I still haven't tasted that freedom I've been craving for so long. I think that's one moreof many reasons why I want to get to Iceland by myself.. just to be alone and a bit "free-er". I want to break out of the little cement box i feel like I've kept myself cooped up in for so long. .. If only for a little while..... Sorry guys, I just needed to vent a little, ...   ... to a computer.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halló vinir mínir!
So today I had to head out to go to one of my friend's volleyball games, and OF COURSE I was given wrong directions. So I ended up spending an hour and a half on the road. And while I was driving, exhaust from a gross "idiot truck" -I like to call them {and I'm pretty sure you know exactly what I mean by that}- was spewed from the pipe, and went straight into my vents. Let me tell you, it was a  l o v e l y  smell.    ...    ...    ...    Sheesh. So anyway, that got me thinking about the pollution situation in Iceland. Good information for the Big Adventure!! Right? Let me expound on what I found: {10 points to me for rhyming} As you may or may not know, Iceland has a very exciting geological make-up. It has about 130 volcanoes to it's name, which provide it with immense geothermal energy, which is extremely useful and relatively inexpensive. Nice, right? Iceland knows what they are DOIN! And you can put  t h a t  on a t-shirt and wear it. And besides car traffic, fishing factories are the only source of pollution in Iceland, which makes for some pretty pure air. I hope someday I can breathe it!! It just seems stupid to not want to go there; it's pretty close to perfect.

I want this so badly it's ridiculous. I can't get sucked into the one-track mind, though!! I've to stay focused on other things too! School just doesn't go away... neither do friends, or family, or your pet goldfish. I have to keep reminding myself that my priorities need to be in order for me to really accomplish this. But nothing can stop me:) I'm completely determined!!! Anyways time to get off the soap-box.

Did you know Iceland has more sheep than people? I do now. HEY!  Did you know thay have 13 Santa Clauses?!?!?!?!? Sheesh. christmas must be... overwhelming. Sigur Ros was voted 10th best band in the world. I love them. Also, Icelander's last names consist of their father's first name and then 'son' or 'daughter' So my name would look like: Hayli Jo Martíndóttir. Pretty stellar.

WELL EVERYBO-DAY  I've got a 5 day weekend in Warshington waitin' for me:) I'd better go count some jumping sheep!!  Góða nótt :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let's get to know Iceland a bit, shall we?

Hallo there!! Well I was able to get a whole lot of research done while I was doing nothing else in photography class yesterday... Would you like to get to know Iceland a bit better? WELL:

One thing that I   l o v e  telling to people is that the ENTIRE country of Iceland has a population that is smaller than the city of Las Vegas. Which is where I happen to live. This demonstrates perfectly another one of the reasons why I plan on doing this- less people. I've never been one for the city, and I know it sounds stupid but.. I want a break from it! Vegas has never truly felt like home to me becasue I feel as though I should have lived somewhere else all my life... if that makes sense.. I feel like I just murdered grammar...

Anyways! Isn't that amazing?? Vegas's pop. is around 2 million people {no lie} and sweet little Iceland has a modest pop. of around  317,440. :) I happen to love that fact. Food however, is very expensive, because besides fish, dairy, and anything else that Iceland has to offer, is shipped overseas. So i'll have to remember to tuck away some extra money for that especially. I have to keep reminding myself it's not just a plane ticket there and back with some souvenir shopping every now and then.. It takes lots of the green stuffs to take a trip.... *sigh*. I need to find my job.

Once I finally figure out what 'free market economy' is... I'll explain it more... because Iceland apparently has that..

All added up, so far my trip should cost {in dollars, not euros} is AT LEAST  $1,998... at least. at least.  So pretty soon {after the play is over}  I can get a jobby job job and start saving up! 

I still feel so strongly that i can do this.. it's completely possible. Yay for the Big Adventure!!!!
P.S. Pineapple Coconut juice is incredible.

-HayliJo Warburton